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Product Development and Manufacturing FLOCUS™ develops and manufactures a wide range of products using kapok fiber. Our capabilities include:
Spinning Yarns: We produce high-quality kapok yarns that can be used by weavers and knitters.
Weaving Fabrics: We create fabrics that meet diverse industry needs.
Making Nonwovens: Our nonwoven products are suitable for various applications, from insulation to stuffing

Flexible Supply Chain Involvement FLOCUS™’ vertical integration allows us to be flexible and step in at any point in the supply chain as required by our clients. We can:
Supply Raw Fiber: Provide our clean, ethically produced kapok fiber directly to spinners.
Supply Yarns: Offer our spun yarns to weavers for fabric production.
Collaborate with Client’s Manufacturers: Be nominated by our clients to work with their manufacturers, ensuring the use of our high-quality kapok products at any stage of their production process.

Supply Chain / Certifications

is helping the people helping the planet.

FLOCUS™ is committed to reducing the human impact on the planet and to treating people with fairness and dignity.

Sustainability is inherent to kapok, so FLOCUS™ customers can enjoy a very versatile and performant material from nature. Our commitment to the industry is to help create a more sustainable and socially responsible supply chain.

FLOCUS™ and its partners work in collaboration to create synergies throughout the supply chain. Through shared values and a shared commitment to transparency and responsibility, FLOCUS™ is helping the people helping the planet.