"Nature does not hurry,
yet everything is accomplished"

Lao Tzu
Ancient Chinese philosopher

Flocus presents a range of kapok textile materials, which provide the textile industry with a naturally sustainable and regenerative alternative which has not previously been available.

It is a pure and natural, non-food, vegan product. Developing the production of this material, in the countries where kapok trees grow, helps to regenerate communities and develop economic prosperity - as well as having a positive impact. Flocus encourages and enables the industry to choose its ingredients carefully. Kapok is given by nature, organic by default - helping the people, helping the planet.

Flocus generates an efficient eco-system which avoids erosion, avoids deforestation, sequesters carbon and increases O2 in the atmosphere, preserves water, supports poly-cropping, organically fertilises the land, saves agricultural land, and is completely sustainable and regenerative.

Fibre and Stuffing

The fibre requires no organic certification itself because it is organic by default, but the steps of the supply chain need certification to prove their transparency to the people and the commitment to common development goals.

Insulation material

Flocus insulation materials have similar values to down on thermal resistance, evaporation resistance, and permeability - but Flocus insulation is lighter in weight, retains its properties after more washes, and can be styled into fitted designs, avoiding a bulky look but maintaining a natural comfortable warmth. It is the obvious choice for comfort and performance.


Flocus fibre may be spun into yarn, to add value to any blend. Kapok can be blended with organic cotton, Better Cotton Initiative (BCI) cotton, recycled polyesters, and other materials. Flocus is continually innovating and exploring additional blends in order for the resulting yarn to benefit from the comfort and performance features associated with Flocus kapok. The environmental benefits are significant too - including substantial reduction in water and energy usage.


Flocus is a 100% sustainable textile concept which enables clothing designers to blend yarns to their requirements, to create sustainable collections, working closely with clients and supply chain partners. Flocus is suitable for use in fashion, performance fabrics, for use in workwear, home textiles, automotive, medical and other industrial products.

THE Regenerative Properties of Kapok trees

Kapok fibre is a non-food fruit crop which can be picked, like an apple, from the tree on which it grows - leaving the tree to grow and prosper. Kapok trees need no irrigation, no pesticides, and no fertilisers. They can grow on hills, in a biodiverse environment, and on land which is not suitable for agricultural purposes - resulting in 100% positive impact on the environment.

avoids erosion



Grows on


preserves water

avoids deforestation

fertilises the land


Organic by default

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