September 2021

Frank And Oak: the brand in harmony with the planet with a transparent production chain, is partnering with Flocus™ for some of its new collections.

Frank and Oak is a young company established in 2012 in Montréal, Canada.

In the brand's collections, Flocus™ kapok is the protagonist of a range of products with reduced environmental impact, such as lightweight outwear with Flocus™ kapok filling: an animal-free and equally performant insulation alternative to duck down, tested in harsh Canadian winters!

Let's find out more about their vision of sustainable fashion.

1 - From the beginning, Frank and Oak has committed to creating a sustainable, functional, current fashion with a transparent production chain. What are the main actions and projects you have undertaken to offer a fashion in harmony with the planet?

We focused immediately on replacing all raw materials we could with sustainable options.

We looked at the fabric for the garment but also down to the label and trims. This was a very natural (no pun intended) and simple first step on our part.

As we progress, we are working closely with our partners to understand our supply chain and work towards improvements and transparency where we can, in addition to sourcing other alternative methods of production or raw material use.

kapok jacket

2- In addition to recycled fibers, you have chosen to introduce a natural and eco-responsible fiber such as Flocus™ kapok, showing people that you can use materials with low or zero environmental impact and an excellent level of performance. How important are for you the research and the choice of eco-responsible materials? 

Choosing low impact raw materials is extremely important to us. It is such a simple decision with a very high impact - why would we choose to do otherwise?!

3 - How can a 100% natural material such as Flocus™ kapok add value to your products and help you achieve your sustainability mission?

We love when we find a product or raw material like FlocusKapok!

When a natural raw material can offer performance, functionality and sustainability we know that we have found something worth sharing with our consumer, and we are excited to do it!

We are already looking for other ways to use the FlocusKapok fiber in new products and really promote the greatness of this fiber.

4) - Your online and social communication uses a fresh and catchy style to inform and educate about your environmentally and animal-friendly choices.  Do you think that the new generations are more educated and more sensitive to eco-responsible products, such as the ones based on Flocus™ kapok?

Our community is curious, savvy, and always engages in sustainable content shared on our social media platforms.

It is clear that the newer generations want to make a difference, and make it a priority to make a change with their conscious purchases.

In order to tap into that curiosity we use Instagram quizzes, amongst other things, to help our customers discover the benefits of the materials we use (like Flocus Kapok) in an engaging way.

Ultimately, we aim to inspire better living in our community, by educating on alternatives for a better tomorrow.